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Watercolor Paintings

                         2 new 7x10 watercolor paintings,  Sold



New Cards on Daily paint works

You can now order a set of  cards here Daily paintworks. com on my gallery  with envelops. This set has 10, 2A size note cards of my watercolor paintings "Barns of Madison". Note cards are blank inside and printed with 5 images. 


Auction on DPW

Selling 2 watercolor paintings
by bid.... . "Best of friends" w/c on 140 lb 9x12 coldpress paper, image size 10x7 Sold
"River run in spring" w/c on 140 lb 10x7 coldpress paper, image size 9x6  www.dailypaintworks.comhttps://www.dailypaintworks.com/Artists/linda-cheek-1563


Small Waterfall

A 6x6 on panel painting in casein. This is from my studio on the farm road, that when we have a rainfall, I have a small waterfall.😊 See this painting on https://www.dailypaintworks.com/Artists/linda-cheek-1563


The joy of this painting was the warmth of the building. "Leaning and still standing"  Watercolor on panel 8x6. View this painting in my Daily paint works gallery here


Asheville NC

A 14x10 Watercolor, a urban watercolor painting of Asheville NC "I'm late"


Farm in watercolor

The first of my watercolor cards, the barn on Brush Creek Road with the the ridge I see from my studio, I have traveled this road many time, Madison countryside provides an array of subjects, but isn't it a revealing experience to find beauty in your own backyard.


After watercolor "Zbukvic"

A 9x12 watercolor after Joseph Zbukvic an Australian watercolor artist, https://www.josephzbukvic.com/
"Drawing is the skeleton of your work, paint the flesh."  Joseph Zbukvic


Painting with watercolor

Watercolors are pigments that are bound with water-soluble gum arabic. Dissolving the pigment and applying it in a transparent wash onto the paper.  The whites and light come from the paper underneath, which contributes to the brilliance of the effect. Painting in transparent washes are called "aquarelles" to distinguish then from  paintings which the paint is applied  thickly and is more opaque.
The accessibility and democratic nature of watercolor may explain why so many artist from Homer, Prendergast, Wyeth, Hopper and Sargent  were attracted to the medium.
10 x 7 Watercolor


Hot Dog

"2 hot dog, one all the way and one plain to go."  A 6x6 gouache painting "Hot Dog Stand"


New Year 2019

Happy New Year...... Some of my small sketches in gouache and casein painted this last year, wishing all the best for the coming new year. Keep painting.



Winter's Promise

Winter's promise is a 6x6 gouache painting, I have painted this subject  many times, when there is a foot or more on the ground you don't want to go to far away from home.


Morning light

This was painted on a farm just down the road from my studio, I got there just when the morning light was coming over the hill.  10x10 on panel Sold



Lonesome pine

This was painted somewhere north of Shelton Laurel, NC on lonesome pine. #Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/cheeklindafineart/?hl=en
 A 8x10 painting "Wired"


Cold wave

A 12x12 painted from my porch, the start of fire wood, cold weather and maybe snow?