April Virtual Paintout, Canary Islands

This is my first time contributing a painting (Bar Castillo,O/P 6X8) to the Virtual Painout a blog hosted by artist Bill Guffey.  Bill has set up a blog with the idea is just that , using Google Street View as a resource for traveling the world to find interesting locations and subjects for artist to come together in one area of the world, virtually, once a month with other artist and paint what they choose.  Next month Bill will choose a new location, this month it was the Canary Islands off the Western Sahara and Morocco, Africa.


Chartan said...

Very nice Linda! I wish I had your's and Gringo Zero's grasp of perspective... but in any event, you are both an inspiration.

travelingsuep said...

Very nice street scene, I like your style of painting. It was also my first VP but I think yours is more successful than mine.