Virtual Paintout July 2010

For the July Virtual Paintout the location is Hong kong, I was fascinated with the bamboo scaffolding  they think it's safe?
This is on 7 Staunton St.,Hong Kong, "SoHo Bamboo" a 8X6 oil on panel.


Leslie Hawes said...

I know! The bamboo scaffolding took me by surprise. I have been on metal scaffolding that was totally rickety, and it's all in how you connect the horizontal to the vertical. Otherwise, bamboo is probably the stronger :)
What a wonderful scene in Hong Kong!

Phillip G Holt said...

Linda, I like your painting of the bambo scafolding. You can see a team of workers installing a scafold at 350 Queen's Rd. W

Denny said...

wonderful shapes,colors and movement throughout your painting

William Cook said...

Great painting. I was amazed by all the bamboo around the city.

Anonymous said...

Love the color and values and brush strokes.

And bamboo is very strong. Didn't you see that "Rush Hour" movie? Ha!Ha!

I really like the feeling of your painting.