January Virtual Paint Out

Boston, Massachusetts, on Washington and State Streets is the oldest survining public buliding in Boston, The Old State House. This is a 8x6 oil on panel painted for1/2011 paint out.http://www.virtualpaintout.blogspot.com/


Julie Riker said...

Hi Linda,
I saw your painting on the virtual paintout site. Amazingly I am working on the same scene. I don't know if I will have it finished by the deadline. Just thought it was neat that we both chose the same image. I like the contrast of the old and new...and how the historic building is dwarfed by the big skyscrapers. You handled this really well.

carolyn cobb art said...

linda, i did two paintings and the painting you did
was one. I sent bill guffey one I did on 6 north street. I like all your work
great traveling with all the virtual painters.
julie, hope you finish your painting.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Every time I see this building dwarfed by the steel and glass skyscrapers that have grown around it, I'm amazed at the scale Boston once was.